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reading history makes people wise

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摘要: Itissaidthatbeautifulbagsarethesame,andinterestingsoulsareoneinamillion.Readingmakespeoplesmart,readinghistorymakespeoplewise,readingpoetrymakespeople...
It is said that beautiful bags are the same, and interesting souls are one in a million. Reading makes people smart, reading history makes people wise, reading poetry makes people smart, and reading movies can make you experience thousands of kinds of life.

Today, let's share 10 movies.

01. The Sixth Sense

Film introduction: This is a warm thriller. Behind the surface of terror, there are warm stories one after another.

Michael, a psychologist, felt guilty for failing to cure a teenager and causing his death.

A year later, he met the little boy Cole. Cole has a similar situation with the dead boy, and Mike decides to help him.

With Mike's help, Cole gradually faced up to himself, tried to communicate with ghosts, and finally overcame his fear. While Mike saved the boy, he also saved himself.

Recommendation: You will never know how beautiful the story is until you see the end.

02. Pride and Prejudice, 2005 Edition

Film introduction: Pride and Prejudice is a classic work of British novelist Jane Austen. This novel has been remade many times, of which the 95 and 05 editions are widely known. Version 05 is recommended here.

With the love line between Elizabeth and Darcy as the main line, and the love line between Jane and Bingley as the auxiliary line, the film tells about the social style and local life in Britain in the early 19th century.

Recommendation: The skillful use of the lens and the skillful grasp of the light make it a very aesthetical film. The insistence of the male leader and the stubbornness of the female leader are like a mirror, which finally makes two similar souls meet and snuggle up with each other.

03. The Sound of the Wind

Film introduction: This is a classic spy war movie.

At the beginning of the story, an important member of the Wang puppet government was killed. After investigation, Takeda, the head of the Japanese Special High School Aircraft Commissioner, determined that the internal ghost was among the five members of the bandit suppression headquarters.

Wu Zhiguo, Gu Xiaomeng, Li Ningyu, Bai Xiaonian and Jin Shenghuo were taken to Qiu Zhuang for interrogation. During this period, Takeda, a Japanese officer, did not hesitate to use punishment, and five people were tortured.

In the end, Gu Xiaomeng sacrificed himself to deliver information with his body and achieved national justice.

Recommendation: Many years later, no domestic film can surpass its group performance.

04. Star Trek

Film introduction: This is a science fiction film directed by Nolan.

With the support of Nolan, the film is a masterpiece, which gathers the top cast and production team of Hollywood.

The film mainly tells the story of astronaut Cooper returning to the interstellar space and exploring with Brandt, Romery and Doyle in the interstellar space. In the process, the man and Brand experienced multiple tests such as family, love, friendship and time, but were eventually overcome by them.

Cooper also fulfilled his promise and mission.

Recommendation: Love is a kind of power. Let's feel its existence through time and space.

05. Mist 2007

Film introduction: This film is adapted from Stephen King's thriller novel.

A fog surrounded the whole town. David and his son hid in a supermarket. In the supermarket, there are many townspeople and a lady named Camodi. Ms. Camodi is a religious believer.

She said that all these were arranged by God, and some people needed to sacrifice to calm God's anger. At first, no one believed it. However, with one after another accidents, people gradually believed her words and used an officer as a memorial.

Soon, the monster outside the fog broke into the supermarket. David, after fighting with the monster, also decided to escape.

He found a car, and five people in a row ran out of fuel halfway. In desperation, David shot and killed the other four people, and a more unexpected outcome occurred

Recommendation: The essence of this film lies in its unexpected ending and satire on human nature.

06. Sense and Sensibility

Film introduction: Sense and Emotion is adapted from Jane Austen's novel of the same name, which is a film with love as its core.

In the film, Elinor's rationality and Marian's sensibility form a sharp contrast. Elinor loved Edward deeply, but did not dare to express it because of the gap between rich and poor; Marian fell in love with Willerby at first sight, but she was infatuated with the wrong payment.

The two suffered from various emotional hardships successively. In the end, Elinor recognized her sincerity and accepted Edward's proposal; Marian also became mature and steady, and gained her own love.

Recommendation: Love is a mark that will never fade. It will never waver even in the storm.

07. Parasites

Film introduction: This is a Korean film released last year, with strong realism and irony.

In the film, President Park's family is simple and kind, gentle and polite. The Jiyu family, like parasites, lived in President Park's house one by one.

They rely on the rich, with high wages, life is getting better and better. But rich people always mention that poor people have an unpleasant smell, which makes poor people angry. Finally, on the day of my son's birthday party, the poor broke out

Recommendation: The rich are kind because they have money, while the poor are calculating because they have no money. The gap between rich and poor can really change a person.

08. Tuner

Film introduction: This is a film with many reversals, including suspense, comedy and thriller.

Akash, the hero, is a pianist who pretends to be blind. He enjoys a lot of benefits through his blind identity.

By chance, he met beautiful Sophie and got the chance to work part-time in his father's western restaurant.

With his outstanding performance, he received an invitation to play at the home of a famous star. However, this is just the beginning

Recommendation: The beginning is the end, and concentration is the essence. Don't miss every detail of the film.

09. Journey to the Dream Ring

Film introduction: Journey to Dream Ring is a story about the dead.

The little boy, Miguel, loved music, but was opposed by his family. Because my grandfather loved to play music, he finally abandoned his family, which made the whole family very resistant to music.

On the Day of the Dead, Miguel inadvertently turned into a ghost and entered the world of the dead. After all kinds of adventures, Miguel found that his real grandfather was actually a tramp, and his grandfather was also poisoned.

Finally, he took his grandfather's picture back to the real world, clarified the misunderstanding to his family, and realized his dream of music.

Recommendation: Maybe we cannot stop the passage of time, but we will also be separated from our families and lovers. But death is not the opposite of life, but perpetuates as a part of life. Human memory is the continuation of the soul.

10. Robot Mobilization

Film introduction: This is an American sci-fi animated film.

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The film was produced by Pixar and directed by Andrew Stanton. It won the 81st Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. The film mainly tells the story of Wali, a robot, following his beloved robot Eve to space and helping humans return to the earth.

Recommendation: The core of this film is pursuit. Wally's pursuit of Eve is love; The captain's pursuit of green plants is hope. Each of us should not lack pursuit.

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